Alaska Airlines Club 49

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Last updated on October 17th, 2022 at 05:19 am

In this guide, we will elaborate on Alaska Airlines Club 49. If you don’t know how to fly cheaply on Alaska Airlines, you have got to read this reference entirely; You cannot miss out on any important tip that may help you save a considerable amount of money.

Some airlines prefer to offer special benefits to residents of their home country or country to make travel a little easier and cheaper. Alaska Airlines is one of those generous airlines, with what is called Alaska Airlines Club 49.

Alaska Airlines Club 49 helps certain residents save money and achieve savings with various discounts such as bag rates and shipping costs.

 This article describes all you need to know about Alaska Airlines Club 49  benefits and benefits, as well as other matters such as eligibility and registration.

What Exactly The Alaska Airline Club 49 Program Is?

The Alaska Airlines Club 49 program, a membership program, offers great prizes to everyone in Alaska in different locations. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, heading to the mountains, or wanting to have fun in a big city, there’s a travel deal for you.

 Save money with offers departing from cities throughout Alaska. This includes all parts of Alaska Airlines’ average daily flight of 1,300  flights to over 115 destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and  Costa Rica.

Alaska Airline Club 49 for Alaska Residents

The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan has its own program within the program, available only to over 735,000 Alaska residents. Alaska Airlines Club 49.

 Residents of Alaska can join Club 49 for free at the time of registration and receive the following benefits:

1. Airline provides Two free check bags per flight.

2. Airlines provide 2 annual one-way vouchers with 30% off refundable economy fares to/from Alaska.

3. Airline gives access to Limited Weekly Rate Sale.

4. Airline gives Discounts and special offers.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to call the Alaska Airlines Booking number (18002527522) to register, but membership is open to all Alaska residents.

Club 49 membership is valid for one year and qualifications are reassessed annually. Upon registering with Club 49, Alaska Airlines will check public records to determine your place of residence and ensure that only those who actually reside in the state are granted access to the program.

free checked baggage

 By far the most rewarding of these benefits is offering two free checked bags on every flight in Alaska. This means you can save up to $100 per return flight. This offer is valid during arrival, departure, or transit through Alaska airports.

 The free checked baggage benefit is also important. This is because, unlike other airlines, Alaska does not offer this benefit to joint Alaska Visa Signature credit cardholders.

This benefit is only available to Alaska Mileage Plan, Elite American AAdvantage, and Delta SkyMiles members. Additionally, the free baggage allowance applies to a maximum of 7 passengers traveling with a Club 49 member.

 In addition to the Checked Baggage benefit, other benefits described above may or may not be useful to you. Special offers are very limited, but sometimes it’s worth checking out the page for great deals.

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Promotion “Double Mile”

 When it comes to promotions, Alaska always tries of doing something new for its side, so to all the members Alaska offered a special promotion that gave them double miles on all flights in the last summertime.

 If you are a Club 49 member and have registered to receive email notifications, you must notify us when this promotion becomes available again.

 Alaska Airlines also advertises special events throughout Alaska for residents to enjoy. Most of these activities revolve around Anchorage and are sports-related.

The Special Events page serves as a kind of community bulletin board for building positive relationships with local residents.

 If you live in Alaska, you must sign up for Local 49 Service. Check-in is free and easy.

Alaska Airline Club 49 Program – Advantages

Club 49 members receive exclusive perks when flying Alaska Airlines to, from, or within the state of Alaska. You must be a resident of Alaska and a Mileage Plan member. In order for their system to identify you as a Club 49 member, your Mileage Plan number must be included in your reservation.

Alaska Airlines gives some extra benefits as well. And those are:

1. Club forty-nine individuals and all of the passengers who can be at the equal reservation can take a look at luggage actually unfastened whilst visiting or from Alaska on Alaska Airlines.

2. You can take a look at luggage without cost whilst visiting or from Alaska on Alaska Airlines, so long as your Mileage Plan wide variety is in your reservation.

Bear in thoughts which you can’t acquire your unfastened checked bags advantage whilst the usage of some other common flyer program.

3. If part of your journey is on some other airline, your unfastened checked bags advantage is to be had whilst you do a take a look at-in with Alaska Airlines and connect with some other provider for all of the home journey.

4. However, it isn’t to be had whilst checking in with Alaska Airlines and connecting to some other provider for a worldwide journey.

5. Every year, Club forty-nine contributors experience Travel Now discounts. Each provides is eligible for Thirty percentage off the one-manner journey from or inside Alaska on Alaska Airlines on a refundable Y-Class (refundable coach) fare bought inside 4 days earlier than departure.

  • The maximum costly fares are refundable economic system fares. As a result, despite the reduction, you could emerge as paying extra for an economic system ride that can not be canceled than you will otherwise. So, earlier than you’re taking gain of that to provide, make certain to examine costs.

7. You can also find some great prices on the trading page of the airline’s website. Every Tuesday, we refresh the page with transactions available only to Club49 members.

8. If you don’t want to miss these discounts, sign up to receive email alerts. To subscribe to the Insider Newsletter, go to your My Account profile, log in,  go to the My Information & Subscriptions tab, and check the Insider Newsletter box.

9. Information about Club 49 Weekly Fares Sale can be found on the Club 49 website. Members who subscribe to  Club 49  of the Insider Newsletter for weekly fare sales will receive the newsletter on Tuesday morning.

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Alaska Airline club 49 limitations

The limitation of this program is as follows.

1. One such limitation is when traveling with someone who is not a member of Club 49. The airline offers free check bag benefits for up to 7 passengers traveling on a reservation unless traveling as part of a group reservation. Therefore, when traveling with group bookings, only Club 49 members will receive the benefits of free checked baggage.

2. Another limitation of this program is that access to the Alaska Lounge is not granted or you are not allowed to join the priority boarding group.

Alaska Airline Club 49 Program – The Conclusion

Some airlines prefer to offer special benefits to residents of their home country or country to make travel a little easier and cheaper. Alaska Airlines is one of those generous airlines and therefore has what is called  Alaska Airlines Club 49 membership.

Alaska Airlines Club 49 is a great way for Alaska residents to save some money on flights to and from Alaska. It can also be a great way to reduce costs when you need to transport cargo.

It is easy to sign up because you don’t know when it will be used during your future trips to Alaska.

Alaska Airline Club 49 Program – FAQs

How do you use club 49?

Check your profile on the Alaska Airlines app, select “Mileage Plan Card,” and verify whether it says Club 49. You’re up to date and ready to go if it does. If not, contact Customer Service at 1-800-654-5669 to get your account reinstated.

How do I become a Club 49 member?

All Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members who live in Alaska can take advantage of Club 49 privileges. Residents can sign up for the free program at Two free checked baggage are among the exclusive Club 49 member advantages.

Which airline is offering to buy one get one free?

Alaska Airlines is an airline based in Anchorage, Alaska Airlines is providing a buy one, get one free promotion just in time for holiday trip buying. On the second ticket, you’ll only have to pay taxes and fees.

Is Alaska Airlines giving free tickets?

Several instances a year, Alaska Airlines` social media workforce gets a flood of faux promotions from websites posing as Alaska Airlines. These websites declare to offer unfastened roundtrip tickets; however, they are now no longer related to Alaska Airlines and will divulge you to laptop virus or identification theft.

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