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Last updated on October 17th, 2022 at 04:41 am

Recently, I was looking for a delta flight for one of my cousins. When I searched online I found that delta is good but the fare is expensive. But my cousin was insisting on flying with delta airlines. So I decided to look for a way to book a Delta flight but at the lowest cost.

After researching online, I discovered that Delta Airlines provides users with a low-fare calendar tool. Which can help users to book delta flights but at a cheaper cost

In this post, I’m going to explain what is delta airlines’ low fare calendar and how you can use this tool to book cheap delta flights.

What is Delta Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

Using delta airlines’ low-fare calendar tool, people can search for cheap delta flights. The low-fare calendar tool makes the task of searching for cheap flights easy and less time-consuming. 

Delta airline’s low fare calendar is a tool/mechanism developed by the delta team so that all the consumers are getting the same deal at the same time. With the help of delta’s low fare calendar tool, you can find the cheapest flight fare for the entire month. You can also use the low-fare calendar tool to find a cheap flight for the upcoming month.

You can check the fare for multiple upcoming months. The low fare calendar calculates and provides the estimated available fare for upcoming months.

4 Steps to Find Delta’s Low Fare Calendar Tool

Finding low-fare calendar tool on the delta website is difficult if you don’t have the right guide. Follow the steps below to locate the delta airlines low fare calendar:

  1. Visit delta.com
  2. Fill out the information for your flight booking and make sure to check the box next to my dates are flexible.
  3. Now click on the price calendar tab next to flexible dates.
  4. Now on this page, you’ll get the delta airlines low fare calendar tool.
delta airlines low fare calendar

Use Delta Low Fare Calendar: Easy and Intuitive

Now that you’ve learned how to find the low fare calendar on delta’s website, now let’s learn how to use it. Using the delta low fare calendar is also easy, just follow the points below.

  • First of all access the low fare calendar using the steps above.
  • Now use the low fare calendar to find cheap flights.
  • Delta low fare calendar will show the price of delta flights for selected months.
  • On some dates/days you’ll see a green tag saying lowest, this indicates the delta flight is cheapest on those days.
  • You can use the next button to access the low-fare calendar for upcoming months.

Delta Low Fare Calendar: Booking Process Simplified!

You can book the cheapest delta flights using the low fare calendar tool. To book a flight using the low-fare calendar follow the steps below.

  1. Access delta’s low-fare calendar by following the steps from here.
  2. Now select the date for which you want to book your ticket.
  3. Click on the continue button.
  4. Select the cabin you want to book (Main, Comfort+, First).
  5. Now complete your booking by following the on-screen instructions.

Popular Delta Destination At Affordable Price

Passengers often ask for the available cheapest routes. As we all know, Delta Airlines operates flights to multiple destinations. Yet, some are cheap and some are not so cheap due to their distance. The available fares are also depended upon the travel class you are choosing. So, here are some of the popular routes with the lowest fares:

DepartureArrivalAverage Fare with Deals
Los AngelesLas Vegas$77-$137
Los AngelesReno$97-$212
Salt Lake CityOntario$97-$157
DallasNew York$115-$162
Los AnglesSalt Lake City$92-$227
Fort LauderdaleCincinnati$97-$209
Fort MyersCincinnati$97-$115
Fort LauderdaleRaleigh–Durham$97-$146

Low Fare Calendar Tool Helps You Grab Great Deals

Delta Airlines offers numerous deals and packages over time. However, most deals are available throughout the year but are not known to many. You can get the best fares using these deals. Some of these deals are mentioned below:


Monday is the cheapest day to fly with Delta Airlines. Wherein passengers booking for flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays can also get the best deals on round-trip flights or one-way. It is available on a selective route only.

DepartureArrivalAverage Fare with Deals
Los AngelesLas Vegas$77-$137
Los AngelesReno$97-$212
Salt Lake CityOntario$97-$157
DallasNew York$115-$162
Los AnglesSalt Lake City$92-$227
Fort LauderdaleCincinnati$97-$209
Fort MyersCincinnati$97-$115
Fort LauderdaleRaleigh–Durham$97-$146


Everyone knows what are weekends for. And what could be better than winning a weekend deal for your weekend getaway? It is also available only for a certain period. Therefore, make sure to look for it early if you are planning for a trip on the upcoming weekend.

DepartureArrivalAverage Fare with Deals
Los AngelesLas Vegas$77
New YorkBoston$77-$87
San JoseLos Angeles$74-$79
Los AngelesSalt Lake City$96
TampaNew York$92-$97
Fort LauderdaleAtlanta$92-$106

Hence, scroll thoroughly to get the best deals. Don’t just settle for anything when you can get tickets at affordable prices. There is always a narrow escape to getting the best fares. So, grab the opportunity and find the best deals for you.

Apart from these deals, you may also find some offers on the official website. Therefore, make sure to search all the nooks and corners and find the best deals.

Benefits: You’ll Save More When You Know More

Apart from getting the cheapest fares, there is more to it. You can get multiple advantages using the Delta Low Fare Calendar. This calendar is designed specifically to make the life of a passenger hassle-free. So, here are some benefits of the Delta Low Fare Calendar:

  • Get the best fares ever available for the entire month. 
  • Also, get last-minute cheap flights using the Delta Low Fare Calendar.
  • It indicates any additional deals and discounts available on any date or flight. 
  • The chart is well-structured. It shows the lowest fares available on the date and other details as well. It is in a monthly view format which makes it easy to understand. 

Passengers can also get additional benefits. You can get priority privileges or extra baggage and multiple other benefits. 

Therefore, get the most of deals by using the low fare calendar. Passengers can save more on the travel and use their saved money on other things during the trip. Always remember, use your money carefully and make your trips memorable not costly. 

With Delta Low Fare Calendar, you can get everything under your budget. It allows you to get the best fares available as well as get additional benefits. You cannot afford to let go of these opportunities. 


Q. Do Delta Flights go down in price?

If you had booked your flight reservation with Delta Airlines then you need to keep your eye open on the price of your flight. Delta gives the vouchers for the fare difference if the prices drop.

Q. What are the cheapest days to fly with Delta Airlines?

Monday is the cheapest day to book your flight. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are also the days to look for flights. The most cost-effective option is to fly on these days. Also, be able to fly very early in the morning or very late at night, when flights are typically much cheaper.

Q. How far in advance can you book a flight on Delta?

Like most other airlines, Delta Airlines Low Fare Calendar launches its international and domestic fares 331 days before the flight departure. Once the fares are published and are displayed on the charts, you may book your flights anytime. So, you have the chance of more than 300 days to book a cheap flight easily.

Q. Do flight prices go up the more you search?

The fact is that it is true that prices go high the more you search. Whereas, the airlines claim that the prices remain the same, but due to some glitches on other websites, it may indicate more. Therefore, it is always suggested to check through the official website. And using the Delta Low fare Calendar you are a sure shot you get the best fares.

Q. When should you buy a Delta flight to get it cheapest?

Usually, Delta Airlines Low Fare Calendar suggests to its customers to book flights 6 to 12 weeks before the flight departure date. With near dates, the fares are always high. Therefore, you can get the best fares if you pre-book your flights.

Q. Does Delta have a Low Fare Calendar?

Being a Delta Airline customer, passengers deserve to get cheap air tickets. But what is Delta Airlines Low Fare Calendar that everybody is talking about? Here we will tell you about this calendar in brief. Delta Low Fare Calendar is a tool that indicates the lowest fares of the day for the entire month. Even you can check the fares for multiple months.

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