Southwest $50 Flights Sale

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 07:56 am

If you travel with Southwest Airlines you will earn some quick reward points. People also consider southwest Airlines as a low-cost airline in the USA. If you are looking for cheap flights, southwest airlines offer sales of $50. This sale is going to start from 3rd May.

First of all, I am going to say the meaning of southwest $50. It means Southwest Airlines is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Through this celebration, Airlines provide sale prices as less as $50 each way. This sale is for some particular destination.

You can travel for $50 from Chicago to Nashville and San Francisco to Los Angeles. There are some more particular destinations we will discuss further in the blog. You can take advantage of these sale prices between 3rd May to 26th May. Passengers again avail of this benefit between September to November.

If you want to avoid black-out dates you need to buy it at least 21 days before. So if you want to complete your trip at less cost you should use Southwest’s $50 Flights sale.

Where does Southwest Fly During The Southwest $50 Flights Sale?

Southwest Airlines offers this sale for some particular destinations. If you belong to the same range of destinations. You can complete your trip for as little as $50.

Southwest Airlines offers it’s southwest $50 flights in the USA only. We have taken the information from the southwest sale page. Now we are going to mention all the routes for this sale. The routes that we mentioned below are also true a vice versa.

  • For $50, travel from Nashville to Atlanta.
  • For $50, travel from Charlotte to Baltimore.
  • $50 from Memphis to Chicago
  • For $50, travel from Nashville to Chicago.
  • For $50, you can travel from New Orleans to Houston.
  • For $50, you can travel from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
  • For $50, you may go from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
  • For $50, travel from Atlanta to Memphis.
  • For $50, you can travel from Palm Springs to Phoenix.
  • For $50, you may go from Chicago to Pittsburgh.
  • For $50, you may go from Los Angeles to Sacramento.
  • For $50, you may go from San Francisco to San Diego.

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Information to Know about Southwest $50 Flights.

  • If you want to take the advantage of Southwest $50 then you need to book 21 days before the departure date.
  • If you failed to book 21 days before departure, you can not take advantage.
  • You should avoid booking on black-out dates.
  • Feel free to change your flight. Because Southwest Airlines does not charge any change fee or baggage fee.
  • In last we want to suggest to you these types of fares are nonrefundable. Moreover, if you cancel your flight ticket ten minutes before the time of departure. In this case, you will be able to get your money back in form of e credit. You can use this money in the future booking of Southwest Airlines.
  • In case you couldn’t cancel your ticket 10 minutes before you can not get your money back in any form. So keep this in mind.

CDC guidelines: Southwest $50 Flights

Here is the center of disease control and prevention departments’ guide about Southwest $50 flights. We have discussed all the main points below.

  • The guidelines state that vaccinated passengers can travel without any risk.
  • Once you should go through the latest covid guidelines before traveling.
  • You need to travel with a face mask and proper sanitation during your journey.
  • Keep in mind what you have read in fine print on the southwest Airlines sale page.
  • You can read there what is the cancellation policy and also about the blackout dates.
  • For your information, the 11th October to November one is the blackout dates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Southwest Fly For $50?

If you want a cheap flight then you should book southwest for $50 flights. If you want to know the destination where you can travel for just $50. here is the list of routes where You can fly directly

  • Nashville to Chicago
  • San Francisco to Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles to San Jose
  • Los Angeles to Tucson
  • Los Angeles to Reno

What Airlines Offer $50 Flights?

Southwest Airlines provides its $50 flights. Through this Southwest Airlines celebrated its 50th anniversary.

 Southwest Airlines always try to meet their customer by providing cheap flights.

With the help of this sale, you book your one-way tickets for as less as $50 each.

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How do I Get the Best Price on Southwest Airlines?

If you want to save your money then you need to follow the instruction that we have mentioned below.

  • You should try booking one-way tickets
  • Before booking your tickets, you need to refer to the low fare calendar once.
  • You need to avoid the early bird process.
  • You also have to look if there is any southwest Sale is running like Southwest $50 flights.
  • The person who flies on holiday will get free drinks.

What Day of the Week does Southwest Lower Fares?

As Southwest Airlines’ stats shows the cheapest days are Saturday, Wednesday, and Tuesday.

Many people have raised concerns about this question. If you want more affordable rates you should analyze Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar.

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