Southwest Airlines Sale $69

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 07:57 am

Do you want to experience the taste of cheap travel on Southwest Airlines? If yes, well you are in the right place. This post discusses Southwest Airlines Sale $69 in detail so that the concept of cheap air travel becomes real.

After learning about this deal, you all are wondering, what is this southwest airlines sale $69 deal everyone talking about? Here we will get to know what comes under this $69 deal. Once you will know all the information about the destinations and routes that this airline offers in this deal then it is easy to book as per your travel plans.

Through Southwest Airlines Sale $69, passengers can get the benefits and save the maximum when traveling. But sometimes, it will be difficult to book a flight in such a rush of passengers.

To know more about Southwest Airlines Sale $69, go through the entire blog.

Southwest Airlines Sale $69 – What Is It?

Southwest Airlines comes up with various sales and deals throughout the year to offer its customer the cheapest airfare. The sales are always going to be $49, $59, $69 sales through which it provides flights to its customer. Southwest Airlines Sale $69 is a three-day sale that happens mostly from Tuesday to Thursday.

Southwest Airlines Sale $69 is a recent sale that southwest comes up with for their loyal customers. Through this deal, flyers will be able to book their flights at the lowest price fixed for their destination. To get the benefits of this sale, book your flight from Tuesday to Thursday with Southwest Airlines. During these days, flyers will reap the full benefits of this $69 sale on their tickets. Southwest Airlines Sale $69 is called the Three-Day Fare Sale of Southwest Airlines.

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Southwest Airlines Sale $69 – Terms and Conditions

In addition to the above information, passengers are required to know other information about this deal. So that, there will be no issue when booking through the Southwest Airlines sale $69 deal.

  • Southwest Airlines Sale $69 is applied for one-way tickets.
  • This sale is not valid to/from Hawaii to/from the continental U.S.
  • Southwest Members will earn 12 miles per one dollar on the Business Select fares along with 10 reward points per one dollar spent on Any Time fares. Plus, 6 reward points per dollar spent on Southwest Wanna Get Away fares.

Routes for Which The Southwest Airlines Sale $69 is Available

Passengers can fly with Southwest airlines to multiple destinations but this $69 fares sale is applicable for limited destinations. Here, know about the destinations where this Southwest Airlines sales $69 is eligible:

Destinations Eligible for southwest airlines sale $69

EI Paso
Oklahoma City
Houston Hobby
Midland and Tulsa

Routes Eligible for southwest airlines sale $69

Austin – Oklahoma City for $69
Amarillo – El Paso for $69
Midland/Odessa – Tulsa for $69
Houston Hobby – Lubbock for $69

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How to Book Flights Under Southwest Airlines Sale $69?

For each Flyer, it is very important to know how to book through Southwest Airlines Sale $69. Before booking their tickets, they need to know what process they will follow. With Southwest Airlines it is easy to book a flight online. Book through Southwest Airlines Sale by following the given process:

  • First of all, go to Southwest Airlines‘ official site. 
  • Then navigate the mentioned sale on Southwest Airlines’ low fare calendar page. 
  • After that, fill out your departure date with your destination. 
  • After done with this process, you will receive the options of flights on the current page on your screen and now from the options, book a best flight that suits you. 

Additional Information Associated With Southwest Airlines Sale $69

Looking for effective tips to book air tickets with Southwest Airlines. Thinking of enrolling in Southwest Airlines Three-Day Fare Sale? If so, then grab the exclusive deals on Southwest Airlines air tickets and tour packages by following the below-mentioned tricks and tips:

  • Southwest offers the lowest possible fares such $69 fare sale, especially in winter.
  • You can subscribe to the southwest low fare calendar so that you can get notifications of the deals of the day.
  • Use the airline’s low-fare calendar to search the available dates for low-cost flights.
  • Check the Southwest official site to get the lowest-priced fare for a particular route during the sale.
  • This $69 sale is only available on one-way flights booking.
  • After canceling the low-cost flight, passengers are not eligible to claim full refunds. However, Southwest gives travel credit f the passengers for their future travel.
  • You can call the Southwest Airlines customer service toll-free number to assist you with all the relevant information about this three-day flash sale.

How Often Does Southwest Have These Sales?

It is a well-renowned carrier that offers deals and packages time and again. Southwest has also known for its monthly and yearly sales. Flyers can find its sale mostly during January, June, and October. And if we talk about the cheapest days to book flights with southwest airlines is Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Moreover, you can check out Southwest Airlines’ low-fare calendar for the cheapest and best dates to fly. By using this calendar, you can book fare tickets cheaper than their actual fare.

Southwest Airlines Sale $69FAQs

How often do Southwest flights go on sale?

Southwest Airlines includes predictable fare sale that comes on a few routes every Tuesday. This is not an official policy, these go from Tuesday to Thursday offering one-way fare prices on selected routes as low as possible at $39.

How far in advance should I buy Southwest tickets?

As per the fare data for a few months, the cheapest flight fares you can find in advance are from 30 days to 3 months. After the 30-day mark has been crossed, all the low fares tickets go away.

What day does Southwest lower fares?

Southwest mostly lowers its fares on Tuesdays around 3 p.m.
Also, Southwest tends to email all the special fares to all of its ‘Click ‘N Save Subscribers’ by Monday evening & Tuesday afternoon every week, along with prices matched with other airlines.

Is it worth paying for early bird check-in on Southwest?

If you are sure that you will not be able to check-in during the 24-hour mark and you are traveling with your companions and also you do not want to sit in the middle seat. If so, then you should consider purchasing the add-on services of early check-in with Southwest.

Where does Southwest Airlines fly at $50?

Southwest Airlines offer another fare sale at $50. These are the one-way fares routes that airlines offer to their passengers. These routes are mentioned below-
• Chicago – Miami for $50
• Los Angeles – Las Vegas for $50
• Baltimore – Chicago for $50
• Miami – Atlanta for $50
• Phoenix – San Diego for $50
• San Diego – San Francisco for $50
• Dallas – Chicago for $50
• Houston – New Orleans for $50

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