Spirit $9 Fare Club

Spirit $9 Fare Club

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 11:24 am

Do you plan to visit and explore various destinations via air travel? There is no doubt that air traveling is one of the most comfortable ways to reach our destination. But then we talk about the most reliable and trusted airline is Spirit Airlines being an ultra-low-cost carrier, people tend to rely on it even more. Moreover, whenever one plans for any trip, they choose Spirit Airlines for endless reasons. 

This airline attracts more Flyers because of its Spirit $9 Fare Club. Therefore, if you want to make your traveling fun and even budget-friendly, you must know about this club. Furthermore, there are huge advantages that one enjoys due to the presence of this fare club.

Therefore, if you are a spirit airline flyer and planning for yet another trip, it is essential to know about this fare club. Go through the information given here and find out detailed information on Spirit $9 Fare Club.

What is Exactly Spirit $9 fare club?

Spirit $9 fare club is usually termed as a “pretty sweet deal.” This is because the members who enroll for it get access to enjoy their flight by paying the lowest airfares. In addition to getting flights at the lowest airfares, they also get a discount on baggage. Furthermore, members who are a part of this club get to save a considerable amount on their travel expenses. 

  • Moreover, people who are part of this club are eligible for making the bookings for up to 8 passengers on one reservation. 
  • Also, one can make the bookings at the lowest fares available when buying the ticket by visiting the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • When one makes the bookings for the same via the online method, they enjoy whereas discount on baggage. Furthermore, there are other special deals also available for various occasions. So, one can enjoy those also. 

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About the Spirit $9 fare club Charges

Firstly, when one decides to join the spirit saver club, they must be aware of its fee. So, if you are willing to join the spirit fare club, you need to pay $59.95. Furthermore, there are three different ways through which one can pay.  

  • For 12 months- $69.95, 
  • For 18 months- $99.90 
  • And lastly for 24 months- $99.90 

Also, any individual who does not want to become a member can purchase a two-month trial membership. The fee for this is $19.95. Remember Spirit Airlines renew the membership automatically every year for 12 months unless one cancels the membership themselves.  

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Benefits of Spirit $9 fare club

People who become a member of this club enjoy endless benefits. If you are also planning to enroll as one of the members of dollar nine for the club, you will enjoy the following benefits. Go through the points given below and find out about all the benefits one avail- 

  • Firstly, get ready to get access to the most exclusive vacation packages when you are a part of Spirit’s $9 fare club. 
  • Furthermore, you will become eligible to extend your savings for up to eight other individuals on your travel itinerary once you enroll as a Spirit $9 fare club member.
  • Moreover, members even get access to offset the annual membership fee of this program with their first reservation. 

Joining procedure of $9 Fare Club membership-

A lot of individuals wish to join as a member of this club. But they are unaware of the procedure that they need to follow. So, if you are one such individual who wants to become a member of this club, you can do it easily. Go through the steps given below to find out how to become a member of the $9 fare club-

  • Firstly, you need to fill out a form available on the official website of Spirit Airlines. 
  • Furthermore, you need to fill in details like your name, email address, and date of birth in this form. Moreover, you need to create the password too in this step. 
  • Once you enter all the asked information in the form, you will become part of the $9 fare club. 

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Save on the baggage with the membership of $9 fare club- 

Through the information given above, one could find out how one can avail benefits even with baggage when they are a part of this club. An individual saves a lot on luggage when they become a fare club member. Once you look at the table given below, you will find the difference in the amount of baggage fee. This difference lets people know how much a $9 fare club member saves on baggage.

TimeStandard baggage fee$9 Fare Club fee
At the time of online booking$35$26
Before online check in$45$36
During online check in$45$36

How to cancel the membership? 

Apart from all the information given above, another most asked question by the Flyers of the spirit airlines is what if they want to cancel their membership. Of course, through the information given above, one got to know all about enrolling as a club member and much more. But some people want to know how they can cancel their membership.  

  • Firstly, visit the official website of spirit airlines. 
  • Login into your “my account page.”    
  • You will find the “cancel membership” option on the official site.   
  • Once you do so, you will receive confirmation from spirit airlines about the cancellation. Furthermore, you will receive this mail within 24 hours from the airlines. 

If you’re still looking for the cheapest flight deals then you can check spirit airlines low fare calendar.

How much is the joining fee of Spirit $9 fare club?

An individual needs to pay $59.95 to become part of the fare club. Also, remember one can pay this in three different ways. You will get to know about these ways through the information given above. 

How much can a passenger save when they are a member of this club on the carry-on baggage?

A passenger can save about $18 on the carry one baggage. Also, this is the amount you save when you have a round-trip flight. 

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