Cheapest Ever Flight Fares Only On SWA Low Fare Calendar

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 08:20 am

Flying can be an expensive affair, we know that. But it also has its perks. What if we tell you that your favorite airline Southwest offers the cheapest flight fares every month? That’s right. Southwest offers a monthly calendar with affordable flight fares. The calendar is highly famous among frequent flyers and is lovingly called SWA Low Fare Calendar. (SWA is short for Southwest). Let’s learn its workings.

But first, let’s try to understand the basics of SWA Low Fare Calendar

The calendar comes as a present for price-sensitive Southwest passengers. The calendar offers cheapest flights to over 100 destinations including but not limited to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico to name a few.

The airline publishes this calendar every month with different prices on its website, The calendar is available to be of service to all SW passengers.

There is a myth that it is hard to find tickets because the seats sell out fast. We would like to tell you that while tickets do sell out fast, you can still secure your ticket if you know the workings of the calendar beforehand. All you have to do is go through this blog and become an expert in all things SWA Low Fare Calendar.

Sure- shot way to secure tickets on SWA Low-Fare Calendar

It is a special calendar that displays monthly grid with the flight fares written next to the date of the month. Generally, no two months have same flight fares on the same date.

There is no scientific equation that needs to be solved before you can get the tickets, just read the step-by-step guide mentioned below and you will be able to book tickets for yourself in no time.

Go to the website, and look for SWA Low Fare Calendar on the site.

Once the page opens, you will be asked to enter some details. Type in your departure and arrival month, arrival and departure dates in the spaces provided. Select “Search”.

The software will read all your details and will open the grid for the specific month you mentioned before. Let’s say, you are planning to travel in the month of September 2021, the grid will show all the dates of the month of September 2021 for you.

Every date of September will have a flight fare next to it. Select the dates you are planning to travel. Now, select your travel fare.

Southwest does not have cabin classes since it’s a low-cost airline, but it does have different air fare. SWA offers three fares; Wanna Get Away, Business Select and Anytime. Select your preferred fare.

Select the time of day you are willing to depart. It could be morning, noon or late night. Select Search and you are good to go.

Special Note:

The best way to make sure that you get the cheapest flight fare on SWA Low Fare Calendar is to be flexible with your travelling dates. If possible, pick the dates with the cheapest fares and not the other way around.

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