Ryanair Fare Finder

Ryanair Fare Finder

If it were some time in the past, it would be said that Ryanair Fare Finder is like any other usual flight search engine that can be found on the official website of an airline. However, it is not the case anymore.

Because now Ryanair has modified its flight search on its website to better serve its customers.

Usually, you know where you want to fly to; it means you know where you leave from and where you want to get to. However, sometimes — often when you are searching for a beautiful holiday destination — it happens that you know where to leave, yet you don’t know where to go to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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Exactly, for this situation, Ryanair has modified its flight search engine. This modification includes the functionalities listed below:

  1. Three new and creative ways to search for flights when you don’t know exactly where to fly; and,
  1. The option of Flexible dates to search for flights when you are not sure exactly when to fly.

As a result, it can be said that these features best suit you if you are willing to fly somewhere for a vacation but do not know where and when exactly you should go. Thus in order to generally get an insight into Ryanair’s flight fares for flying to some of the world’s best tourist attractions, you can use these new functionalities of Ryanair Fare Finder.

If you want to see how to make use of these newly added functionalities, follow the blog further.

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How to Use Ryanair Fare Finder

Let’s consider the following situation to have a sense of how you can make use of Ryanair Fare Finder with its new features.

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Suppose, I am in the United Kingdom and I am going to have a few weeks off from my work. Thus, I think of spending such free time enjoying a possibly great getaway off to some beautiful tourist attraction. However, I am not sure where to go, and how much it may cost to get to a good tourist attraction on Ryanair flights. Therefore, I go to Ryanair’s official website and get over to the flight search; that looks like the one given below.

Reaching here, I select my origin-airport. Now, suppose I select London Stansted, UK to depart. Do not forget I still do not know where I should go for a vacation.

After choosing the departure airport, the flight search engine automatically leads me to the ‘To-Destination’: as given below.

In the image given above, three spots are yellowed below the To-Destination bar. Here Ryanair allows me to find a destination where I might love to go for a vacation, and

these are the following options, I can use to find a destination:

I can search by Destination or Country;

I can search by Regions; and

I can search by Popular Attractions.

Focus on the image, the search engine is showing me all of the countries where Ryanair flights are available from London Stansted at a given time.

Thus, let us suppose I select France to have a vacation because I have heard so much about France.

The moment I select France, all of the available airports to land in France start appearing on the list named “Pick an airport”, which is on the right side. This list is as given below circled in black.

And, therefore out of this list of available landing airports in France, I choose Nice.

As soon as I pick Nice as my arrival or landing airport in France, once again I am automatically led to the next section that asks me to choose my Depart and Return Dates; which looks as follows.

However, because I am not sure when exactly I should leave Uk to get to Nice, France, I am going to use the second option of this search section, which is Flexible dates. It is given on the right side.

If you didn’t notice, on the above image, there is an explicit advertisement by Ryanair of its new feature of the choose-Depart-and-Return-Date functionality under its flight search engine; it is given at the bottom of the above image.

It says, ‘Not sure of your travel dates yet? Click here for more flexible date search options.’

Thus because I am still wondering as to how I should spend my off-weeks,  I use the Flexible date option in the following way in order to have an insight into Ryanair flights’ fares to fly to and from Nice, France.

First, I click on the option. It brings to me the three options as given below.

In the above image, first, I am asked to select the month I want to travel; then second, I need to tell the search engine how long I am expecting this trip to France to be; and finally, I am expected to tell it the day of departure from London Stansted: remember my departure airport in the UK.

Therefore because I have off-weeks in Feb, (look at the image below) I select Feb as the month to travel. Further, as I have a few off-weeks, I set the second functionality to 11days, 10 nights, and finally, as my departure day, I select Sunday. 

After using this Flexible-dates option, I have to click on the apply button. Once clicked, it asks me to choose the no. of passengers. Because I am planning to travel by myself, I set it to 1 Adult which is already set by default.

Right after that, I hit the search button.

And, it shows me all of the available flights to Nice, France as per my route, date, and no. of passengers preferences. Thus that way, I can get a general overview of the money I need to spend for visiting Nice in France to have a getaway. And, if it suits my budget, I can fix this trip too.

Thus this is one of the ways one can make use of Ryanair’s newly added features or functionalities to its flight search engine on the website.

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