Southwest Airlines $49 Flights

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 08:00 am

Everyone likes our trip under budget. No one would deny such an offer ever. What if there was a way to find one that meets your needs and is still within your budget. Here is good news for all the people looking for a suitable flight to take a trip or fly back home. Southwest Airlines as one of the reputed yet most cost-effective airlines has launched its deals. Now, you may find as low as Southwest $49 Flights available for various routes.

Are you still wasting your time scrolling through the website for a perfect trip? Do not miss this chance of availing of this offer. Jump to grab this heavy flash sale at such a low price. You will surely find a suitable route. 

What are Southwest $49 Flights?

Southwest $49 Flights

The utmost priority of Southwest Airlines is to provide ultra-low-cost airfare to all its passengers. Hence, now it has launched its airfare at a minimal. You may find exclusive deals on various routes at the lowest fares. And one of these deals offers Southwest $49 Flights easily.

It is a flash sale that is available for a limited period. And you can only find this deal to implement of few routes. Therefore, without stalling any longer grab the deal when you still have the time. Also, these sales are available throughout the year with different prices and routes. 

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Specifications on Southwest $49 Flights: 

  • You can find Southwest $49 Flights for specific routes only. Not all routes are available within this price range.
  • These tickets are non-refundable. Hence, if there is any chance of cancellation, it is best to avoid the deal. 
  • Only One-Way flights are available through this offer. 
  • The tickets should be booked a minimum of 21 days ahead of the travel date. If not, you may not be able to purchase tickets within $49. 
  • Flyers booking with miles may also avail of this deal. 
  • Additionally, these offers are available according to the seasons. You may find Fall Season Deals, Spring Season Deals, and Winter season Deals. 

When are Southwest $49 Flights available?

These tickets are available as a special offer. Also, only on a few routes, you can avail of these tickets and deals. Currently, these deals are available for the Fall Season Sale

  • From August 12: US continental, Hawaii, and Mexico.
  • From August 24 to December 15: Caribbean

Therefore, currently, these Southwest $49 Flights are available on most routes. Book your tickets instantly for your next trip to any of these destinations.

You may also find Spring Season Sale from March 30 to June 30. And the destinations differ accordingly. So, find your deal and route that best suits your needs. 

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How to Book a Southwest $49 Flights?

Passengers looking for a trip can easily find them through the official site. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the official website of
  • Go to the tab LOW FARE CALENDAR. 
  • Follow the steps to find the available deals and fares through the page. Either select according to months or specific dates. 
  • Finally, search for your destinations and make a reservation. 

It is easy and convenient for all to book using these deals. So, without any issues, you may be able to make your bookings. And for any problems, while purchasing through these offers, directly contact for assistance. The customer service agents will be able to help and guide you to find the best deals available. 

Routes for Southwest $49 Flights


Los AngelesLas Vegas
AustinOklahoma City
HoustonNew Orleans
NashvilleMyrtle Beach

Other Ways to Find Cheap Southwest Airlines Flights

As a low-fare airline, Southwest Airlines is consistent and promising. It has always stood up to its lowest fare deals in the market. If you ever scroll through for the lowest fares, you will find Southwest Airlines topping the list. Hence, there is no doubt about it. So, here are some of the other ways to find convenient and pocket-friendly airfare:

Low Fare Calendar

The first and the foremost trick to always find the cheapest prices is the Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar. As per the dates or month, get accurate airfare. You may check for availability and price in advance and make it to good use. It is always best to book cheap flights. Why spend on the ticket if you can use the money while on the trip. 

Miles Membership

Another essential and effective way to book cheap tickets is using the membership. You will earn rewards on each dollar spent. And after collecting a decent amount you can also win an award ticket. Also as members, you can avail yourself of special deals and offers by Southwest Airlines. 


Pre-booking a flight is the best way. There is no denying that it is indeed the safest way to find the best deals. Usually, it is recommended to book flights 3-4 months ahead of the travel date. However, for safety, a minimum of 21 days is necessary for the lowest fares. They give you a sure shot at finding the best deals ever. And one of the most popular sales is for Southwest $49 Flights which require a minimum of 21 days of pre-booking as well.  

Flash Sales

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, you may find flash sales that are available during various times of the year. These sales are available at different prices and different routes. But you can easily find one according to your needs. Further, these have limitations and terms and conditions. And the best way to find all the information is through the website or call. You may also find this sale convenient for your booking. 

Therefore, grab your opportunity to book cheap Southwest $49 Flights anytime you need to your favorite destination.  

Popular Questions:

What benefits are available with Southwest Airlines?

Always avail of the best airfares on all routes by the airline. Apart from this, you get free cancelation and change of tickets. Additionally, get the first two check-in luggage for free. 

Does Southwest Airlines offer priority check-in for senior citizens?

No, Southwest does not offer any priority check-ins. The only priority check-ins available are for passengers traveling in wheel-chair and medical patients with assistance. 

How early can you book Southwest flights?

Southwest Airlines launches its prices 330 days before the travel date. Therefore you may book anytime from the launching of the fare to the travel date.  

What is the cheapest fare by Southwest Airlines?

The airfare depends on various characteristics. The distance, class of travel, and booking method play a vital role. And to determine the cheapest fare is impossible. But on average, you may find fares as low are $19. Additionally, find flash sales from $29 onwards.

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