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If you always wonder whether you can ever fly affordably on United Airlines, you have got to read everything given below. This guide talks about United Airlines low fare calendar.

Here, you will learn how to use United’s low-fare calendar to find cheaper United flights than usual. However, you have to satisfy a condition before using the calendar to benefit from it; the condition is discussed below. Thus for more, go through what follows.

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United Airlines Low Fare calendar

Use Low Fare Calendar to Grab Deals on United Airlines Booking

United Airlines’ low fare calendar is a simple tool for airfare analysis. The tool is to be used before making flight reservations. To be precise, passengers are advised to use United Airlines low fare calendar before making their flight reservations. That way, they can come across airfares that are relatively cheaper than usual. 

Thus if you are going to book a United flight for your upcoming travel, never miss out on great flight deals that might be waiting for you. In other words, don’t forget to check the calendar, first — before making your reservation — for cheap flights.  

Now, let’s discuss why and when you should use it. 

United Low Fare Calendar Tool: Reasons to Use it

If you ask why you should use United Airlines low fare calendar, there is only one simple answer that follows.

You should use it so that you don’t have to spend more than what you pay if you use the calendar first and then book your flights. 

For example, 

  • Suppose you need to fly from A to B, and you have at least three months before the departure;
  • Thus you analyze the low fare calendar to find out affordable flights, if available, for the way from A to B; and, 
  • Subsequently, you come across a flight deal where you can save at least 40% of the usual price you would pay for the same flight if you did not look at the calendar.

When you use the low fare calendar of United before making the reservation, you have a higher chance of getting cheap flight deals on United Airlines than any other way. So, you should use the calendar not to miss out on any deeply discounted flight deals — if available. 

Low Fare Calendar: A Money-Saving Technique

It would be best if you used United Airlines’ low fare calendar when you at least have two weeks before your departure. In other words, if your travel schedule is flexible, you can benefit from the low fare calendar analysis. 

The following is one of the most observable trends in the U.S. industry — the closer you book to the departure, the higher you have to pay for bookings. Or in other words, if you book a United flight very close to departure, United Airlines will charge you way more than what it would charge if you reserved earlier. 

Thus from that perspective, too, you must have at least one month before the departure if you wish to get affordable deals from United Airlines low fare calendar.

Ways to Access United Airlines Low Fare Calendar

There are two ways to access United Airlines low fare calendar. Both of the ways are mentioned below:

  • firstly, you can access the low-fare calendar on the website; and,
  • secondly, you can also access it directly on the internet.

These are the two ways to access United Airlines low fare calendar. Both of these ways are discussed in the following sections. Thus if you want to know how to do that, consult the sections.

United’s Fare Calendar Tool: An Easier Way to Use It

On the website, you can access United Airlines low fare calendar at two stages. First, you can access it while entering your booking information into the flight search engine. And second, you can access it after you have entered all the booking details into the find-flights search engine or flight booking search engine.

Let’s understand it practically.

Using the United Airlines Low Fare Calendar at the Flight Search Stage

Often when you book a flight on any airline, first, you search for flight deals. Thus you also do so when you book a flight on United Airlines. The following is the process to search for flight deals on, i.e., the official website of United.

  • First, you have to go to; and,
  • Second, you have to locate the flight-deal search engine.

On, the flight-deal search engine looks as follows:

united airlines low fare calendar

Here, the flight search engine is referred to only by a single but the most important word, i.e., Book. Now, let us continue on how you can access United Low Fare Calendar at the stage of filling in this flight search engine. Thus,

  • Third, put all your booking information into the search engine;
  • Fourth, once you have filled in the engine, once again click on Dates* and wait for a sec;

After a few seconds, it will show you the airfares relevant to your booking information. That will look like the image given below.

united airlines low fare calendar

This is how you can access United Airlines low fare calendar at the time of filling your booking details in the flight booking search engine.

Now, let us move on to the next way to access United Airlines low fare calendar.

After clicking on find-flights, how to access the United Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

It is mentioned above that while searching for flight deals during the flight booking process, you can access United Airlines low fare calendar twice, i.e., first, at the time of entering the booking details into the flight search engine; and second, after hitting the find-flights button. And, these are two stages within the booking process that you can access United Airlines low fare calendar.

Thus the above section talks about how to access United Airlines low fare calendar at the first stage. And, this section deals with accessing the calendar at the second stage. It means accessing it after hitting the find-flight button.

Now, let us access United Airlines low fare calendar after hitting the find-flights button. Follow the following process to get to the find-flights button:

  • First, go to;
  • Second, go to Book;
  • Third, fill in the book section with your booking details; and,
  • Fourth, at the bottom, in the right-hand corner, locate the find-flights button in blue; and, (look at the image below).
united airlines low fare calendar
  • Fifth, hit the button and get access to all the flight deals available on the travel dates* you selected. 

After hitting the button, it will show you the following screen. Look at the part highlighted by yellow. 

united airlines low fare calendar

The part highlighted in yellow is the fragment of United Airlines monthly low fare calendar for July. Here, you can make the airfare comparison for just 7 days, and therefore, this is how you can access United Airlines weekly low fare calendar. 

United Airlines Low Fare Calendar is Accessible Directly on the Web

You can also access United Airlines low-fare calendar directly on the internet. It is effortless, too. Now, let us see how you can do that.

  • Firstly, search for United Airlines Low Fare Calendar on the internet;
  • Secondly, wait for the google results;
  • Thirdly, locate the link with the text, United Cheap Flights to 300+ Destinations Worldwide I United … .”;
  • Fourthly, click on the link;
  • Fifthly, observe it will take you to a page entirely dedicated to the low fare search; 
  • Fifthly, locate the “view additional offers on these popular domestic routes” heading on the page (see the image given below);
  • Sixthly, see that below the view additional offers…heading, there will be a list of popular domestic routes; and,
  • Seventhly, click on any popular route and access the low fare calendar for that specific route.    

United Airlines Low Fare Calendar: How Does It Work?

This section talks about how you can use United Airlines Low Fare Calendar.

So, let’s get started.

Before anything, you must know the following things:

  1. The type of ticket you want to book, i.e. Round-Trip and One-Way;
  2. Whether you want to pay in dollars or miles;
  3. Your from-location airport ( the airport from where you depart );
  4. Your to-location airport ( the airport you arrive at or your flight lands );
  5. Departure or Return Dates;
  6. No. of travelers; and,
  7. Travel class.

In a few words, that is the booking information. These booking details you have to fill in before accessing United Airlines low fare calendar. You have to put this information (booking details) into the flight search engine during the flight booking process.

Further, we are going to use the following booking details in our example process where we’ll show you how to use United Airlines low fare calendar.

  1. The ticket type: Round-Trip;
  2. Paying in dollars;
  3. The from-location airport: New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR);
  4. The to-location airport: Washington, DC, US (DCA);
  5. Departure Date: May 16, and Return Date: June 30;
  6. No. of passengers: 1 adult; and,
  7. Travel Class: Economy.

Now, we will follow the following steps to access and use United Airlines low fare calendar. Carefully see us go through the following steps:

  • First, google united airlines;
  • Second, go to the official website of United;
  • Third, locate and go to Book;
  • Fourth, Fill in the book search engine with the booking details as given above, i.e., 1 to 7;
  • Fifth, click on the Dates* section on Book;  and,
  • Sixth, choose May 1 as the Depart date. 

After the sixth step, the Book section on the website will look like the image below:

united airlines low fare calendar

In the image above, you can see that if we depart on May 2, 3, 4, or 5, it is going to cost us more than 200 dollars. However, our departure date is May 16. Let us see what the fare is on May 16. It is $168. It means if we were flying on May 2, we would be spending 80 more dollars.  But, this is not the case because our plan is already to fly from New York on May 16. Thus in our current situation, we are saving $80.

Hence booking the ticket on May 16 is less expensive as compared to any other day, i.e. May 2,3,4, or 5. Do the same when selecting your Return Date. Find out days that offer cheap fares using the United Airlines low fare calendar.

This is how you, too, can make use of United Airlines’ low fare calendar.


Q. What day of the week is United flights cheapest?

Passengers making their reservations on Saturday and Sunday gets the cheapest ticket price. In comparison to the passengers making their ticket reservations on weekdays. 

Q. Do flights get cheaper closer to the date?

Well, flights don’t get any cheaper when they are close to their initial departure date. Moreover, flight tickets get expensive if booked between four months and three weeks before their departure. 

Q. How do you get airline discounts? 

Well, to get discounts on United Airlines tickets passengers can visit the official site of the airline. There they can easily see all the offers and discounts and can use promo codes and vouchers if they are having one to make their reservations. 

Q. What discounts do United Airlines employees get?

United Airlines employees get a 20% discount on their tickets while traveling with the airline or their partnered airline United Express.